Public Utility District No. 1 is governed by a Board of Commissioners comprised of three local citizens elected on a nonpartisan basis by Whatcom County residents. A PUD Commissioner is elected every two years during the general election to serve a six-year term.

The Commission establishes PUD policies, set rates, adopt system plans for electric and water utilities, and approve the revenue obligations. In addition to guiding PUD operations, the Commissioners appoint the general manager.  The General Manager is directly responsible to the Board of Commissioners. He is supported by 21 employees who help carry out Commission policies and conduct PUD business.

Commission Districts

Click here to view a map of the districts and related information.

Commission Meetings

Commission Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the PUD Administrative Office at 1705 Trigg Road, Ferndale, Washington, unless another location is announced.

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Current agendas for upcoming Commission Meetings are available to the public. Pre-Agendas (Drafts) are available prior to the meetings and are also available at each meeting.  Official minutes of Commission Meetings are also available on the PUD web site once approved by the Commission.