Founded in 1937, the PUD has countywide authority in Whatcom County to supply water and electric services.  Eleven (11) other PUDs were formed in Washington State that same year.

The PUD first provided electric service in 1953 to the General Petroleum Refinery.

The PUD first provided water service in the early 1960’s, beginning with an aluminum smelter company  (Alcoa).

The PUD provides administrative services to other agencies for electric, water and financial needs.

Whatcom PUD does not collect a portion of Whatcom County’s property tax.  We are funded through private revenue – our customers.

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Annual total cash flow in 2023 estimated at $22.4 million.

Whatcom PUD is governed under Revised Code of Washington Title 54 (RWC 54).
Learn more about Washington State Public Utility Districts and Whatcom County at the Bellingham/Whatcom County Tourism sites.


  • The PUD currently supplies one electrical customer and the PUD’s two water intake plants an average of 27 MWh of energy purchased from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).
  • The PUD owns 15 miles of transmission/distribution lines and 3 substations.
  • The PUD’s electric system peak usage is 29.6 MWs.


Whatcom PUD operates and owns two water Water Treatment Plant Systems:

  • Provides industrial grade (non-potable) water to businesses and large industries at Cherry Point;
  • Provides irrigation water to approximately 50 customers.

Potable (drinking) Water and Fire Protection

  • The PUD owns this water system which provides potable and fire system water for a large light-industrial area at Grandview/Interstate 5 in North Ferndale, WA.

Total water treated/delivered: 5.4 billion gallons per year.