The Washington State Department of Health’s Office of Drinking Water (ODW) Mission Statement is:
To work with others to protect the health of the people of Washington State by ensuring safe and reliable drinking water.

In 2016, the ODW partnered with Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County (PUD) to pilot a local outreach
and technical assistance program to assess and assist local small Group A water systems, with less than 1,000 connections, in acquiring and maintaining the Technical, Managerial, and Financial (TMF) Capacity needed to ensure safe, reliable, sustainable supplies of drinking water.

The pilot program offered a new way of supporting local small water systems by building on local
relationships and utilizing local expertise to improve water system TMF Capacity.

The PUD has partnered with the ODW on multiple drinking water issues and is recognized for its commitment to the community
as a trusted non-regulatory resource to support local water systems. The PUD has the vision and ability to collaborate with others when opportunities arise and is uniquely qualified to engage with and support small water systems.

Click on the link below to view or download the PDF report:
Whatcom County Group A Water System Technical Support Program Pilot