Todd Lagestee Appointed to Fill Vacant Commission Seat

At the May 14, 2024 Special Meeting of the Commission, Commissioners Jaime Arnett and Atul Deshmane appointed by unanimous consent nominee Todd Lagestee to fill the District 1 Commissioner position vacated by Christine Grant, when she resigned effective April 30, 2024.

Mr. Lagestee will take the Oath of Office at the May 28, 2024 Regular Meeting of the Commission. He will perform his duties as a Commissioner on an interim basis until the results of the November general election are certified and a new person is selected by the voters of Whatcom County to fill the remaining term for the position vacated by former Commissioner Grant.

Mr. Lagestee brings to the position his decades of public service having served in the US Navy on a nuclear submarine; working for 24 years as a City of Bellingham Firefighter; and serving as a board member for a local non-profit credit union.