Notice is hereby given by Public Utility District No.1 of Whatcom County for a Request for Proposals for Electric System Expansion Feasibility Study.  Public Utility District No.1 of Whatcom County is seeking a qualified person or firm to contract for consulting services regarding possible expansion of the PUD’s electric system (both facilities & services). 

Purpose of Study:  The main purpose of the Electric System Expansion Feasibility Study to be conducted is to provide information and guidance to Whatcom PUD on various option(s) for expanding the PUD’s electric facilities and services within Whatcom County, Washington. The individual or firm selected will assist the PUD in determining which, if any, of the expansion options identified are feasible for the PUD to implement.

Scope of Services: Whatcom PUD is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms for the provision of consulting services related to the following seven major tasks.  These tasks comprise the core elements of the Electric System Expansion Options Feasibility Study (the “Study”), which is a deliverable.  The tasks to be undertaken are:

  1. Assessment of the value of the incumbent IOU’s electric system assets in the County.
  2. Assessment of the PUD’s financial needs and capabilities required to support the transition period through the expansion phase.
  3. Assessment of the PUD’s organizational needs and capabilities required through the expansion phase.
  4. Identification and description of the technical, financial, legal, and other teams of experts that may be required to assist the PUD through the transition period.
  5. Description of the staffing and organizational structure the PUD would need to operate successfully after the expansion is completed.
  6. Identification of electric system expansion options based on the assessments conducted and information acquired.
  7. Projected Impacts to Whatcom County Due to Electric System Expansion
  8. Additional Tasks? (What has the PUD Missed)

Submit Proposal To:

Public Utility District No.1 of Whatcom County
C/o Chris Heimgartner, General Manager
P.O. Box 2308/1705 Trigg Road
Ferndale, WA 98248

T:  360-384-4288 ext.19.

Proposal Deadline:  3:00 PM (PDT) July 22, 2022

For complete RFP information click hereElectric System Expansion RFP